CBD Crystals

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CBD crystals purity> 99%

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Pure CBD crystals at the best price on the market

Purity> 99%

Cannabidiol, one of the main cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, can be extracted in various ways and comes in different forms and percentages depending on the one you have chosen.

CBD crystals represent the most isolated and purified extraction, without any use of solvents, through a special processing using CO2 that removes all traces of THC, resins and other plant parts. The result obtained is a product that comes in the form of very fine, odorless white grains, with a purity that almost reaches 100%.

They can be dissolved or vaporized.

Quantity available:

1g - 2g - 3g - 5g - 10g

CBD Crystals is a product based on legal hemp with CBD.

CBDWorld is a distributor of Products derived from Industrial Hemp. In addition to inflorescences with CBD we have a available various products including Hemp inflorescence with CBD, oil with CBD, products for electronic cigarettes based on CBD and liquids with CBD broken down and/or to be mixed . Besides the classic products we also sell cosmetic products such as Soaps with extracts from CBD, Shampoo with CBD, creams with CBD. None of our products is to be considered a drug.


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