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CBD e-liquids

In our e-shop you will find two types of CBD e-liquids that differ according to the type of flavor: Cannabis (different sativa genetics) and Classic (various flavors, fruit, sweet, tobacco and more).


In this category you can choose your e-liquid with the terpenes of the best cannabis sativa genetics and also choose the CBD strength from 250mg to 1500mg (50ml) or 3000mg (100ml) for a completely personalized vaping experience. To better appreciate the taste of this type of product it is recommended to use a performing device for a DTL vaping.

Classic (fruity and more)

For those who do not like cannabis flavors and want to vape CBD, we offer a series of fantastic “classic” flavors mixes of fruit, sweets, tobacco and much more. You can choose the CBD strength from 250mg to 1500mg (50ml) or 3000mg (100ml). These e-liquids are suitable for any type of device, even pod kits..

What is CBD

Without going into boring technical reports, there are already many on the web, we propose in simple words a short paragraph that summarizes what CBD is and what are the greatest benefits of this molecule.

CBD and cannabinoids

The hemp or cannabis plant contains substances called cannabinoids in different quantities and all having different effects and characteristics. The main cannabinoids present are THC, CBD, CBG and CBN. Without going into the description of each of them, let's focus on the first two. THC, as everyone knows, is the one that generates psychotropic effects and it is forbidden unless it is present in very low form (0,2%). In the medical field it is allowed but in a strictly controlled way and under medical prescription. CBD or cannabidiol, is the most interesting substance, present in all plants in different percentages depending on genetics, and it is the one that many people are approaching lately for its beneficial characteristics without producing any kind of psychotropic effect. For several years now, countless scientific studies have been made on the benefits of this molecule which, interacting with the human or animal organism in the nervous and peripheral system, produces therapeutic effects in alleviating, reducing or even treating various diseases, including anxiety, stress, inflammation, epilepsy. Having said this, it should be clarified that anyone with a serious pathology must consult their doctor and above all that they do not abandon traditional treatments. Everything that we have reported in this short paragraph is extensively described in thousands of very detailed articles present online, just do a simple search.

CBD Crystals

CBD as mentioned is one of the many components of the hemp plant and obviously a processing is required to extract it. Starting from industrial hemp plants, having EU certified seeds, which produces inflorescences according to the law (within 0.6% of TCH), a first extraction is performed which produces a sort of raw resin containing all the substances present in the plant. Subsequently, a whole series of processing and refinements are carried out to concentrate the extraction to the single molecule (CBD). The more the refining increases, the more the percentage of purity will increase. Once the 80% threshold is exceeded, CBD takes the form of crystals, a white or light yellow powder. Once the 99% threshold is exceeded, we are in the presence of pure CBD, the so-called "isolated" single molecule without contamination.


Terpenes are a very important substance in the hemp plant. In a very simple way, terpenes are the molecule that gives off the smell and taste, obviously it differs according to the genetics of cannabis.

Terpenes and vaping

As mentioned, terpenes are the component that determines smell and taste, which makes them very suitable for use in the creation of flavors, both for e-cig and possibly for environmental vaporizers. It must be said that the yield in the extraction of pure terpenes compared to the inflorescences necessary for processing is very low, which makes them very expensive and consequently the products based on this substance are not very cheap, however, if well selected and combined from experienced operators, they can guarantee a high quality product, much appreciated by ganjah lovers.

Terpenes and extracts

Another very common use is the production of CBD extracts. A classic example is the wax crumble, and the shatter. Both of these products are a combination of terpenes and CBD, which differ in their consistency, the former being softer, the latter harder but easily crushed. Both the olfactory and gustatory characteristics are entirely determined by the terpenes. They are certainly not the only products, even some cbd oils may contain a minimal amount of terpenes.

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