Shipments and returns

Shipping terms

The package will be deliver to the address indicated by the CUSTOMER (who can indicate a different one from the registration) usually within a day after the compilation of the order. The CUSTOMER authorizes LIBELLA srl to send to shippers/couriers all the necessary data for the deliver of goods (address, telephone number). The predicted deliver date will be valid for the first attempt of the courier acceding to the address indicated from the CUSTOMER, even if the receiver is absent or if he declines the goods.

If the product arrived is different from the order or it's incomplete, the CUSTOMER will have to inform LIBELLA srl, compiling and sending an e-mail within 5 days from the deliver.

If the product has a packaging apparently damaged, it is advisable to accept the goods by placing the word "Goods with visibly damaged packaging" on the transport document, under penalty of forfeiture.

So within 5 days, the CUSTOMER will have to contact LIBELLA srl signalizing the deliver af goods with damaged packaging.

LIBELLA srl for shipping uses express couriers of proven efficiency therefore the delivery generally takes place within 1/2 days for Italy and 2/3 days for abroad.

In case of delay in delivery due to problems related to the couriers, LIBELLA srl can not be held responsible for the delay itself.

The cost of shipping is € 5.00 including VAT. If the order exceeds 100 euros of products, shipping is free.

In the event of a cash on delivery there is an additional charge of € 5.00 in any case even if the value purchased is greater than € 100.00.